WGM IMPACT: Embracing the Future

Transformed individuals transforming communities transforming the world

The IPSAT Assessments

Here are convenience links to each of the 5 assessments used to help you develop your IPSAT profile

Personality: Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

http://16personalities.com   (free, but they will offer you an extended premium profile for purchase for about $ 32.  We have already purchased these for all WGM participants and they are available on request)

Strengths:   Gallop / Glifton StrengthsFinder

http://gallupstrengthscenter.com   ($ 15, reimbursable.  They also offer a full profile for $ 74, but the IPSAT uses just the first 5 which are included in the base profile.  You can purchase the full profile at any time.

Skills: Leadership Skills Inventory

http://legacy.myipsat.com/   (free)

Spiritual Gifts

https://spiritualgiftstest.com   (free)

My Passions Profile

http://mypassionprofile.com    (WGM staff have access to a code to allow you to take this assessment for free)


About WGM's IMPACT 2017 Conference

The WGM IMPACT conference is a bi-annual event hosted by WGM, generally in Marion Indiana.

Our goal?  To advance the mission of Christ by hearing from God, connecting with each other, and learning new and better ways to minister with greater effectiveness.

We begin with registration on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4 at Huntingdon University, then move to Indiana Wesleyan University on Wednesday, June 7.

The conference closes at 2 pm on Friday, June 16.      

Click here for more information

IMPACT 2017 Planning Team

The IMPACT 2017 Planning Team includes:

  • Joy Phillips (lead)
  • Don Moon
  • Nathan Metz
  • John Muehleisen