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Frequently Asked Questions about the IMPACT 2017 Conference

Is there wi-fi in the lodges? On the campus? In the conference halls?

Indeed there is!  But, let's use it wisely, shall we? Ringers off during sessions.

You will be given the wi-fi access information at the conference.

Will there be child care provided for the kids?  Is it just baby sitting, or is there a program planned?   What age groups are included?

This answer is coming soon.

What sports activities are available during the conference?

This information is coming soon.

What's the dress code for the sessions?

Business casual.  

The universities do have a dress code to give more specific guidance: 

  • skirts and shorts must be fingertip length. (when arms are at sides the bottom of skirts and shorts must extend at least to your fingertips).
  • Tops must have two-inch straps.
  • Males must wear shirts unless at the swimming pool.
  • Females must wear swimsuits that provide appropriate coverage while at the swimming pool.

What's on the schedule for the Friday picnic?  What activities are planned?

This answer is coming soon

What time should I plan to arrive at Huntington University?  And where do we report once we arrive?

The registration desk will open at 3pm, so plan to check in after 3 but before supper (5 pm).  We'll send you a map with the name and location of the dorm where we will be staying as we get closer to the date.

I see we are going to church at Brookhaven Wesleyan Church on Sunday.  Is this required or is it optional?

Although it is optional, you will want to be there!  And, Brookhaven is hosting us for lunch, too.

See Bret Layton's recent short video about this special event.

Will there be healthy snacks available?

Yes indeed.  And a good assortment of less-than-healthy snack food also.

Where will we be eating?

We'll be taking most meals in the dining commons at both universities.  And their food is pretty good!

You will be given a card for all of your meals.  There is no option for paying cash.  If you wish to have a guest with you at a meal, contact Joy Phillips or Deb Carter for assistance with this, or plan to eat out for that meal.  Keep in mind, though, that the schedule during the day is "tight." 

Two weeks is a long time.  Where can we do laundry?

There are laundry machines in the lodges, and soap and dryer sheets are provided at IWU.  If you have a particular soap you like to use, bring that.  There are also laudromats in town that have drop off (wash / dry / fold) services available.

Will there be cribs available?

If you need a crib (or a pack and play), let us know well in advance so we can try to arrange that for you. If you have your own pack and play, bring that.

I need to do some HQ business while in Marion.  When should I plan to do that?

When we finish at Huntington University on Wednesday June 7, the afternoon is free.  That would be great time to do HQ business.

There is a picnic on Friday afternoon, but the HQ staff are invited to that so HQ will be closed then.

Then there is the afternoon of the last Friday open as well.  But be sure to make an appointment with the person you need to see so they will know of your interest.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Many of them will be and video of the session and any digital copies of the speaker's presentations and handouts will also be available for download after the conference (if the speaker grants permission).

How are the charges for this being handled?

  • Travel can be charged to your ministry account using the standard mileage / per diem / Expensify process.
  • Room and Board at Huntingdon University is being paid for by WGM International Ministries.
  • Room and Board at Indiana Wesleyan University will be charged to your ministry account.
  • Conference expenses and special functions are being paid for by WGM International Ministries.

Are there ATMs on the campuses?


About WGM's IMPACT 2017 Conference

The WGM IMPACT conference is a bi-annual event hosted by WGM, generally in Marion Indiana.

Our goal?  To advance the mission of Christ by hearing from God, connecting with each other, and learning new and better ways to minister with greater effectiveness.

We begin with registration on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4 at Huntingdon University, then move to Indiana Wesleyan University on Wednesday, June 7.

The conference closes at 2 pm on Friday, June 16.      

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IMPACT 2017 Planning Team

The IMPACT 2017 Planning Team includes:

  • Joy Phillips (lead)
  • Don Moon
  • Nathan Metz
  • John Muehleisen