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Additional StrengthsFinder Resources

Here are some curated links to other resources on the web related to the StrengthsFinder.  We're always adding to this list.  Have you found a good resources? Let us know and we'll add it to this list.

General Resources

  • Strengths Based Leadership - excellent overview article on Mind Tools   link
  • Gallup's YouTube Channel for "Theme Thursday" ...excellent video podcasts exploring different themes    link
  • Gallup Coaching Resources:  (for more than coaches):  link
  • Can strengths ever be a problem?     link
  • "StrengthFinder" Pinterest search results     link
  • StrengthsFinder Talent Cards     link
  • Strengths School Singapore - Excellent Summaries of the Strengths    link
  • Strengths Institute of South Africa has an excellent set of articles on each of the strengths     link
  • Using the Myers-Briggs® Instrument with the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 Instrument   link
  • 9 steps to life change with the StrengthsFinder from the isogostrong blog   link 

The Four Domains of Strengths

  • The Four Domains of Strengths Summary    link
  • Strengths Finder Leadership Themes    link
  • Four Domains of Team Strength handout   pdf link

Strengths and Teams

  • Building Strengths Based Teams    pdf link
  • Build a Great Team by Focusing on Strengths    link

Balconies and Basements

  • Understanding Your Strengths:  Balconies and Basements:   link
  • Balconies and Basements Handout    pdf link
  • Balconies and Basements Chart    pdf link


About WGM's IMPACT 2017 Conference

The WGM IMPACT conference is a bi-annual event hosted by WGM, generally in Marion Indiana.

Our goal?  To advance the mission of Christ by hearing from God, connecting with each other, and learning new and better ways to minister with greater effectiveness.

We begin with registration on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4 at Huntingdon University, then move to Indiana Wesleyan University on Wednesday, June 7.

The conference closes at 2 pm on Friday, June 16.      

Click here for more information

IMPACT 2017 Planning Team

The IMPACT 2017 Planning Team includes:

  • Joy Phillips (lead)
  • Don Moon
  • Nathan Metz
  • John Muehleisen