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Sandy Metz

sandy metz 2017 200Sandy is currently in ministry with her husband Dan in Cincinnati Ohio. They moved to Cincinnati in 2011 after living most of their lives in Marion IN. Prior to pastoring Community Life Church (a Wesleyan Church) they were in bi-vocational ministry at Farrville Community Church near Van Buren, Indiana while working at and attending Indiana Wesleyan University.

Sandy earned a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University. During her counseling internship she developed a program for ministry students headed for ordination at Indiana Wesleyan University. The program was designed to help students discover their strengths and weaknesses through individual counseling and group experiences. It was during this work with students that the power of the relational system on the work of the minister began to impact her thinking and ministry. What began as a passion to help ministers become healthy grew into and awareness that health is not just an individual pursuit. True health involves a community of persons who are committed to growth and maturity within a relational system.

Sandy has taught courses, led seminars and helped to design a new ministerial process for ordination candidates in the Greater Ohio District of the Wesleyan Church all reflecting this passion to guide people in ministry into greater wholeness through better understanding of how the relational systems of their their past and present impact them.

Sandy is currently in an adjunct professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. She is also an Ohio licensed Independent Marriage and Family therapist in private practice. She is head of the counseling team for the District Board of Ministerial Development for the Greater Ohio District. She also occasionally teaches FLAME courses for the Wesleyan Church.

She is the mother of two WGM employees, Nathan and Micah. Their brother Luke is an Actuary and lives in McCordsville, Indiana. Her greatest joy is that Nathan, Luke and Micah are all serving God and are married wonderful women who are amazing parents to "our" seven beautiful grandchildren.

About WGM's IMPACT 2017 Conference

The WGM IMPACT conference is a bi-annual event hosted by WGM, generally in Marion Indiana.

Our goal?  To advance the mission of Christ by hearing from God, connecting with each other, and learning new and better ways to minister with greater effectiveness.

We begin with registration on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4 at Huntingdon University, then move to Indiana Wesleyan University on Wednesday, June 7.

The conference closes at 2 pm on Friday, June 16.      

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IMPACT 2017 Planning Team

The IMPACT 2017 Planning Team includes:

  • Joy Phillips (lead)
  • Don Moon
  • Nathan Metz
  • John Muehleisen