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Don Moon

don moon speaker 2017 200Don sensed God calling him to cross-cultural missions service when he was 16 years old. In order to prepare, he studied Bible and missions at Vennard College (Iowa) where he met his wife, Glenda. He turned 20 in the Ecuadorean jungle during his first cross-cultural trip. This trip showed him the importance of specific training for cross-cultural ministry. However, he also appreciated the importance of receiving training in the local church, so he served for four years as a youth pastor at churches in Alabama and Pennsylvania.

Don and Glenda were appointed as missionaries with WGM in 1984. After Spanish language study in Costa Rica, they arrived in Argentina, where within months of his arrival, Don was appointed as field director for the small missionary team. The urgency to train for leadership left a deep impact on Don that continues to this day.

He later completed degrees at Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, California) and William Carey International University (Pasadena, California) and is committed to being a life-long learner. He served as a regional director for WGM for nine years and is now on special assignment.

Serving from Córdoba, Argentina, Don works with a network of people and churches in Latin America to mobilize and train churches and missionaries from Latin America to minister among the least-reached peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. He believes God has placed him and his wife in this ministry to multiply themselves, not only in Latin America but also around the world, by helping train missionaries and working to connect them to a path to the nations.

Increasingly God is raising up cross-cultural missionaries from across the globe, calling people from everywhere to go to everyone.

As we seek to fulfill God’s vision for WGM, it is likely that our ministry teams will increasingly be multi-cultural in nature.  What will it take to incorporate missionaries from Africa or Latin America, for example, into our teams?  How would they connect with WGM?  What might the composition of a multi-cultural team look like?  How would it function?  

We will explore these topics along with others in this presentation.

About WGM's IMPACT 2017 Conference

The WGM IMPACT conference is a bi-annual event hosted by WGM, generally in Marion Indiana.

Our goal?  To advance the mission of Christ by hearing from God, connecting with each other, and learning new and better ways to minister with greater effectiveness.

We begin with registration on the afternoon of Sunday, June 4 at Huntingdon University, then move to Indiana Wesleyan University on Wednesday, June 7.

The conference closes at 2 pm on Friday, June 16.      

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IMPACT 2017 Planning Team

The IMPACT 2017 Planning Team includes:

  • Joy Phillips (lead)
  • Don Moon
  • Nathan Metz
  • John Muehleisen